Your journey to keleya

Learn more about our hiring process and your journey to become a part of keleya.

1. Submit your application

Your journey to keleya starts with submitting your application. 

Here you find all currently open positions. You can apply fast and easy. We're looking forward to receiving  your application! 

2. First Screen

Based on your profile and your application we think you could be a good fit for us and invite you to a first meeting with our HR-Manager Josefine. This first meeting shall give you and us the opportunity to get to know each other better and to answer your questions.

3. Skill-Check

We believe that our skill check offers you the best opportunity to get a deep impression of your future tasks at Keleya, as well as giving you the chance to impress us with your skills. 

After the review of your assignment it is time to get to know the Head of your department and discuss your future role and clarify open questions.

4. Culture Fit

We believe that a personal fit is at least as important as a professional fit. Therefore our hiring process ends with a cultural fit. You get to know three more team members and are able to get a better impression of our team and culture and how working at keleya feels like. 

5. Welcome to the team

We believe you are a good fit - personally and professionally - and are happy to make you an offer. 

6. Onboarding

You are a keleyan now, it doesn't matter if you start tomorrow or in two months. We are happy to invite you to all events and integrate you into our team. 

We can't wait for your first working day to come and will be ready to give you the best welcome and onboarding possible! There will be a lot of different meetings on your first days to give you as much support as possible and your personal buddy is to look out for you along the way.